Our solutions provide clear and comprehensive evidence-based information and are designed to be intuitive and as easy to use as possible. 

With over 30 years’ experience and over 40 current customers, we can ensure your organisation benefits from extensive and current best practise in quality improvement technology and solutions can be in place within a matter of weeks. 

We ensure the right questions are asked in the right way to get the right information, with simple multi-channel data collection for maximum participation. Our forms and surveys meet all the latest accessibility standards and can also be provided in different languages. Smart validation then ensures data accuracy and information reliability. 

 All solutions are designed to suit each Trust’s organisation and structure, with role-based dashboards providing the clarity required in real-time for fast, informed decision making and action. We can also provide bespoke solutions to suit very precise requirements.

It feels very much like they are part of the team, and our ability to collaborate closely has been vital. Also I would say that Formic’s experience of working in this sector before and on clinical audits has been invaluable.

Anne Webster, Project Lead, NHS England

Flexible and customisable filtering makes analysis more straightforward and users can drill down to source data for deeper analysis.

Our full managed service makes the quality improvement process easier and reduces workload for Trusts.  

As part of the service, we also provide a secure and easy to use central repository for all your quality improvement and external review information.

Quality improvement involves the use of a systematic and coordinated approach to solving a problem using specific methods and tools with the aim of bringing about a measurable improvement within a healthcare setting.

The Healthcare Foundation 


Find out fast what your patients think.

Screen dashboard

Formic provides a managed service for patient experience surveys. 

The solutions are designed to work in such a way to suit your particular requirements and are capable of delivering unlimited, multi-channel patient experience surveys quickly and at scale. Formats are available to suit accessibility requirements and all age groups to ensure the survey is in the best format for its intended audience. 

Feedback is then available in real-time from dashboards which can be securely accessed from any approved device. 

Formic solutions are fully compliant with all NHS requirement and multiple requirements can be incorporated into one survey to provide a more comprehensive feedback picture – for example Patient Experience surveys can include National Patient Audit and Friends and Family Test. 


Clinical audits are mandatory in the NHS and participation in national clinical audits and publication of outcome statistics is required by the NHS England Standard Contract and the Health and Social Care Act.

Screen clinical audit

The main objective of clinical audits is to find out if healthcare is being provided in line with the expected standards.  

Analysis of that clinical audit information can then identify opportunities for improvement. Formic has been helping NHS Trusts with clinical audits for over 30 years. 

Provided as a hosted, full managed service, our clinical audit solution can be used for as many audits or assessments as required – there is no limit.

Smart validation to ensure data accuracy is built in and feedback is then available in real-time from dashboards which can be securely accessed from any approved device.

All audits and responses can also be stored in a central repository to provide a full and easily accessible audit trail.

Accreditations and National Cleanliness

Formic provides solutions to support Ward Accreditation, Nursing Accreditation and the National Cleanliness Standards.

Ward Accreditation

The objective of a ward or unit accreditation programme is to identify opportunities to improve the delivery of patient care. 

A well organised and structured programme can also provide a number of additional benefits such as improved patient satisfaction, better staff engagement and ultimately support a continuous drive for overall quality improvement.

Every day, as part of routine practice, nurses and midwives identify opportunities for change; we are uniquely positioned to understand the things that can improve services, outcomes and experience for patients. I see ward and unit accreditation as having huge potential to enable nursing and midwifery-led improvement and the sharing of learning and good practice.

Ruth May, Chief Nursing Officer for England

Nursing Accreditation

Nursing accreditation is a way of ensuring that nursing training meets the required professional standards. 

An accrediting organisation will assess all aspects of the training programme to ensure graduates can pass the necessary examinations and qualify as nurses.

Formic offers a solution that can accommodate all of your nursing accreditation requirements. 

Our solution enables Trusts to collate performance on all key measures into one place and visualise results and insights into user friendly dashboards.

National Cleanliness Standards

National Cleanliness Standards have been in place in the NHS for over 20 years with the most recent update coming in 2021. The standards cover all NHS cleaning requirements across all units and departments.

In order to demonstrate an effective approach to cleaning and comply with healthcare cleanliness auditing standards, information and performance needs to be recorded and presented in a way that is easy to visualise and understand. 

Formic’s National Cleanliness Standards solution allows Trusts to validate and demonstrate their performance against all three of the areas covered by the audits; safety standards, efficacy at the point of delivery and quality assurance. 

IPAD Clean Audit