Formic enables health and care providers to turn data into insight to inform quality and service improvement through easy-to-use and flexible multichannel data capture and analysis survey technology and support. Our system is built on over 20 years of healthcare experience, and is in use in over 200 NHS organisations and private healthcare providers throughout the UK.

Formic technology provides a platform for users to design and build unlimited surveys, and is most often used for patient experience, the Friends and Family Test, and clinical audit.

Formic supports paper, online, tablet, kiosk and touchscreen formats, and has the ability to synchronise surveys across these channels so that responses are consistent and useful. Authors can even print their own surveys.

Surveys can be designed from scratch or based on an extensive library of templates, and can also be pre-populated from any system that can provide a standard data feed. Our easy-to-use form design tool works in the same way as popular Microsoft-style office applications, and includes the ability to drag and drop questions from the library.

The technology allows for question routing and response validation, and survey authors can restrict the number of times a survey can be submitted by each user. Authors can provide guidance on how to complete questions, and select from a range of inclusive response formats, such as large print and child-friendly images.

Respondents can complete surveys online and offline, and save their progress to complete surveys at a later date. Formic surveys give easy response options and will be very familiar to end users, helping to improve completion rates.

Formic collects submitted data automatically or, with paper, through scanning completed surveys. This data goes through to a central database, where responses can be viewed in real-time using a browser by individuals and roles you nominate. You can use your own database, or use one of our UK-based, IG-compliant data centres.

A familiar Excel-style dashboard also presents findings, using a data view which enables analysis in tables, crosstabs, frequencies and grids. Data can be exported in multiple formats, including Excel, PowerPoint and Access, and Adobe PDF, HTML, Word, as well as XML, SPSS, TripleS, ODBC, CSV, and SQL Server.

Solutions can be implemented on your IT infrastructure, as a hosted solution, or as an entirely outsourced solution.

With over 20 years’ experience in the field, and with extensive experience of both paper and online data capture, Formic has the insight and technology that is exactly suited to the needs of the NHS and other healthcare providers.

Formic customers tell us that our integrated, multichannel technology has transformed the rate and scale at which they can implement surveys to support quality and service improvement, as well as meet national reporting requirements. There are no limits to the number of surveys you can create or process, nor on the size of the survey.

Our solution enables health and care organisations to control their entire feedback approach, by allowing users to design and manage their own surveys and deliver outputs that meet organisational needs at a local and national level. Data can be exported in multiple formats for use within your own systems, or viewed through an interactive dashboard in real-time.

And unlike some other providers, Formic is excellent at creating, scanning and processing paper surveys, as well as synchronising the same surveys across numerous channels. This means you can maximise response numbers by using the formats they find the most familiar, and be confident that you are collecting consistent data from all respondents.

Formic can also help you move away from paper to electronic surveys, using handheld and mobile devices. Our experience means that we can help you at every stage of the process.

Implementation is quick; with Formic, you can be processing thousands of surveys every month within a matter of days. And costs are competitive, and reflect the size and scale of your needs, as well as how you want to host or outsource the solution.

Cyber Essentials Plus badgeCustomers can be assured that they are using trusted technology. Formic maintains its Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IG SoC) attainment Level 2 on a yearly basis, ensuring alignment to NHS information governance policies, standards and best practices.

Formic is ISO27001-certified and data is securely stored in UK datacentres. We also hold Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation under the government-backed cyber security scheme, providing its many NHS and other customers with additional assurance that it has taken the essential precautions to ward off the most prevalent forms of threats coming from the internet.

We are also compliant with NICE and patient experience best practice guidelines, as well as NHS England survey methodologies for the FFT.

Formic has high levels of customer satisfaction and retention, through our partnership approach to delivery, our dedicated and flexible support service, and our quick-to-implement technology. We offer full training and supporting materials at your site or in our offices near Heathrow.

Costs for Formic vary according to the scale of the implementation and support required, and range from a few hundred pounds at a GP surgery, to several thousand at a large NHS trust. As Formic enables users to design and manage unlimited numbers of surveys, the return on investment is impressive.

Formic is committed to helping its customers use feedback to transform care. Contact us to discuss how we can help with your patient experience and clinical audit strategy. We can also offer professional services such as business case development, consultancy, report design and training.

We are committed to providing a high quality service to all our clients. When something goes wrong, we want you to tell us about it. This will help us to improve our standards.

If you have a complaint, please contact our Customer Complaints Team with the details. You can do so by calling 0370 197 5610 or emailing

A copy of our Complaints Handling Policy is available on request.

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