Ambulance PCR/PRF forms

Ambulance trusts across the country are saving significant time by using Formic to scan and process millions of patient clinical records (PCR)/patient report forms (PRF).

Data from the forms no longer has to be entered manually. Formic allows forms to be scanned, validated and processed electronically. This means reports can be quick and accurate, and be translated into immediate service improvements.

One ambulance trust is using Formic to process 60,000 A3 PCR forms per calendar month, and in just under a year the trust is seeing efficiency savings through automatic data capture and faster issues resolution, as the data and image of the PCR form can be stored and retrieved using our solution. Now the trust is looking to extend the technology to patient experience, clinical audit, and other surveys that will inform the quality of care delivered.

Contact us now on +44(0) 370 197 5608 or to see how we can help with ambulance PCR/PRF forms.

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