Formic Healthcare provides evidence-based quality improvement solutions to over 40 NHS Trusts and UK healthcare organisations. As a specialist solutions provider with over 30 years’ experience of working with the NHS, we bring an unparalleled level of expertise to all of your quality improvement requirements.

Driven by quick and easy information collection and smart validation, our intuitive dashboards can be implemented in 4 to 6 weeks and contain real-time, accurate and comprehensive data. 


The dashboards provide immediate feedback and clarity to decision makers who can quickly visualise, identify and implement improvements in clinical performance and patient experience. 

What we do

We provide evidence-based quality improvement solutions including Clinical Audits, Patient Experience and Friends and Family Test.

We collect and collate large volumes of data from different sources in NHS Trusts.
We create clear, easy to understand dashboards with validated, reliable information available in real-time.

What we deliver

We provide quality improvement solutions designed specifically to suit your requirements with the functionality you need.  

All of our solutions are provided as a fully NHS compliant managed service with all solutions hosted in the UK. Implementation takes 4 to 6 weeks which means you can get access to key insights very quickly.

The solutions are scalable with no limit on the number of surveys, audits or quality improvement documentation that can be produced and all data and documents are easily accessible in a central database. 

Formic have been very helpful in guiding us through the process of having an online database and helping us to make the data understandable. Thank you for guiding us through the process for this work.

David Gill, Lived Experience Adviser, NHS England

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Our Credentials

Formic Healthcare is trusted by quality improvement teams across the UK.

Formic’s experience of working in this sector before and on clinical audits has been invaluable.

Anne Webster, Project Lead, NHS England

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Over 40 NHS customers across the UK including NHS England

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Highly experienced team of consultants with extensive NHS expertise

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All of our solutions comply with NHS information governance requirements


Reasons for choosing Formic


Designed specifically to suit your organisation


Hosted in the cloud and supported by a full managed service


Ensuring quality improvement information is accurate and therefore reliable


Showing real-time information to support fast, informed decision making


Can be up and running 
in 4 to 6 weeks


Allow unlimited surveys or clinical audits - results from which are all stored in one easily accessible central place  

Don’t just take our word for it – please get in touch for references.

Our customers

Formic has over 40 NHS customers including NHS England. A critical part of the way we operate is to work very closely with new customers to ensure their solution is exactly what they want. We then provide a full and comprehensive managed service to minimise customer workload.  

If you would like to speak to one of our customers for a reference or find out more about the work we do please call 0370 197 5608 or email info@formic.co.uk

Working closely with Formic throughout this project has been essential for its success. It feels very much like they are part of the team, and our ability to closely collaborate has been vital in sorting out everything from getting the tools right to being responsive to providers regarding their dashboards.

Anne Webster, Project Lead, NHS England

Formic have helped greatly to reduce the burden of manual data analysis and reporting. In turn this frees up clinical time to deliver improvements for patients.

Jo Stannard, Senior Clinical Quality Improvement Facilitator, Wye Valley NHS Trust

Information governance

Formic solutions comply with all NHS information governance requirements including ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus. Please contact us at info@formic.co.uk for more information.