Formic helps Local Authorities with their Council Tax Benefit Consultation Questionnaires

Formic solutions can help Local Authorities design, process and analyse the results of their Council Tax Benefit Consultation Questionnaires.  New rules introduced by the Government mean that from April 2013, council tax will be abolished and replaced with local support for Council Tax.  As part of these changes, every Local Authority will have to undertake a consultation with its residents.  Find out more.

Many of our Local Authority customers may be able to extend their existing system to design, despatch and process the Council Tax Benefit Consultation forms.  Some Local Authorities are looking at online web surveys, or paper (scanning) surveys, or a combination of both. 

At Formic we can get you up and running very quickly.  Please ask us for a demonstration, or help to host and design an online survey or manage a large paper scanning project.

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